Is Print Marketing Still Effective?
Posted by custompostcards, 11/16/2017 7:39 am

The common use of the internet for just about everything is making some printed items all but obsolete. Newspapers are posted online so home delivery is dwindling. Why pay for the paper when it can be read online at no cost? Telephone books are rarely used to find a personal phone number or discover how to contact a business. The internet is faster and can be accessed right on a smart phone.

Travelers can have airplane boarding passes emailed to their mobile phones or tablets and simply have them scanned before boarding. Paying bills ad banking online have replaced the need for most mail because people are encouraged to go “paperless” to reduce their carbon footprint. Does that mean printed advertising is obsolete as well? Is it still a viable marketing tool?


The short answer is yes. Some types of print marketing, such as Custom Postcards and Direct Mail Marketing, are very effective. The rate of success depends on the size of the business, whether it is a single business or part of a large chain, and the intended targeted audience.

Small business owners seeking to reach a specific local audience can invest in some Cheap Postcard Printing and have those mailed to every door on selected delivery routes. Postcards can be printed by an online company for pennies each, and sent by bulk mail through the US Post Office. It is inexpensive, requires no mailing list, and provides business exposure in the neighborhood where the business is located.

Some experienced printing companies will also handle the mailing process for the business. Custom Postcards and Direct Mail Services fill an important niche in the world of effective print marketing. Business owners can go to for details on printing and mailing services. Brochures, flyers, door hangers, banners, and business cards are also still effective printed material.

When Digital Marketing Makes Sense

International chains, like clothing stores, department stores, and popular fast food restaurants will probably have more success with digital campaigns. Massive emails to customers, providing a coupon via social media pages, or introducing a new product on the business website are convenient ways to reach the most customers with the least amount of time and effort.

Once a small regional or E commerce business has generated its own customer list of emails, digital marketing will begin to make more sense. Gathering email addresses can be completed by having customers sign up to win a contest, asking them to leave one on the website for advance notice of sales, or including the information as part of a rewards system.

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